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About Me


   I am very proud of my NJ roots, my parents, my three siblings, and their families.  Married since '89, I've lived in Massachusetts ever since. Home is a small charming seaside town on the Northshore of Massachusetts, with my husband and our three goofy and lovable dogs. The lights in our lives are our three grown children. 

     Prior to creating these pastel pawtraits, I spent years as a substitute teacher, and after that several years as a local realtor - where I  stretched my mind, thickened my skin, and learned a lot about marketing. It helps to have a terrific manager too. 

     I've had a passion for the Arts, and animals my whole life. My love of expression through painting, and my love for animals collided when I kind of stumbled upon this new venture, thanks to my friend Gayle, and the encouragement, and support of my family.

     I've dabbled with most mediums, but I use soft chalk pastels for my drawings or paintings as they are described by many. I love the flexibility and freedom I have in blending colors for shading, changing lines, shadow and light as the painting evolves.

    Listening to music while I draw takes me to my happy place. I become very focused and fully committed. For this reason, I sometimes find myself late for appointments and meetings. 

     Nothing compares to presenting these "pawtraits" to clients and seeing and reading their reactions. This whole experience, in a word, has been "awesome"! 

     I love anything to do with tennis!, community service, running (some days), beach & ocean activities, gardening, decorating and design. I thrive and am inspired  being  by others' successes. 

     There is usually one person in your life who stands out -  gives you the reason to believe in yourself, and helps bring out the best you have to offer. Beyond words -Thank you Toby.


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